The Menagerie of…

The word “menagerie” was generalized to refer to any varied mixture or a collection. I imagine everyone has some sort of an assortment of ideas going on in their head most of the time, for me the word for it is “menagerie”.  In an example sentence; “I have a menagerie going on in my head.”  HA!  Welcome to The Menagerie of JoArtee.

Home for me is the beautiful historic city of Saint Augustine, Florida. It’s a great place to live and breath. A tourist destination, for many people. There is always something new to see in all the familiar places. I feel like a tourist every time I head out with my cameras.

The Spanish established Saint Augustine, founded in 1565, it is the oldest European and African-American continuously occupied settlement in the United States.  Forty-two years before Jamestown and fifty-five years before the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.

The areas surrounding Saint Augustine are definitely a great add on bonus to living on what is called “The First Coast”. I’m sure just about anyone can find their own favorite spot or place they will come back to visit several times in their lifetime.

In the pages to follow. I will be adding material of various interest of mine & topics, including some of my favorite spots or events that I have visited, or explored.  Also, I will be posting photos that I have captured along the way.

Enjoy The Show!