Bing’s Landing County Park…


While on a picnic one day at one of the many public parks, I was sitting with my camera close by and to my left this guy was sitting in the crook of a tree. He went on about his business, looking for edibles that appealed to him.  He barely even noticed I was there. I sat and watched, and he didn’t mind at all that I was clicking away capturing his antics on my camera.


Bing’s Landing County Park – Flagler County, Florida

The park also has a boat launch, fishing pier, picnic and playground facilities, and an archaeological dig of the Mala Compra Plantation.

The Plantation was the home of Brigadier General Joseph Hernandez, Florida’s first voice in the U.S. Congress and also its first Hispanic member,  He purchased the Plantation in 1816, it was destroyed in 1836 by the Seminoles during the Second Seminole War.