People Got To Be Free…

We just had Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month is coming to an end. The reason for this post: the local school system of course teaches, even the kindergarten kids, about Martin Luther King Jr.

My sister asked my six year old Granddaughter what she was learning in school, she replied with a detailed answer instead of the usual, “I don’t know” that most kids her age answer.

Her answer was this: We learned about a man with a really long name, Martin Luther King Jr., a long time ago kids that were black and white could not go to the same schools back then. She then informed us that “my teacher said the kids were black and white, I don’t think it’s black and white I think it’s brown and peach”, she said “that’s what I say.” She went on to inform us that, “My friend is brown color and I am peach color.”

She finished up her story by saying: Martin Luther King Jr. wanted all the kids to go to school together in the same place.